How can you prepare yourself for breastfeeding?

You are going through a lot of changes in your body during pregnancy. Some of the changes are preparing you in advance for the breastfeeding session once your baby is born. Your breasts have been growing, milk ducts have been enlarging starting from your first trimester. Babies who are exclusively breastfed for the first six months gain the antibodies that are present in breast milk, which further helps them to fight off with any virus or bacteria that may infect them.

Things you can do to prepare for breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding sounds like a simple task but it needs some preparation in advance so that you don’t end up facing the breastfeeding challenges.

Educate yourself about breastfeeding by attending seminars, online tutorials or any breastfeeding class, which your hospital might be able to arrange for you.

Mostly women suffer from breast engorgement, sore nipples, swelling and many more problems, which are associated with breastfeeding. Resolution of such problems can be learned and discussed in these classes.

Start massaging your breasts to clear the ducts during the last six weeks of pregnancy. Keep your breasts well moisturized to prevent them from any cracks.

Consider buying few nursing bras and t-shirts/nightwear’s for yourself for comfort and support.

If you are a working mother and planning to go back to work after your baby is born then it is preferable to buy a good breast pump. It will help you to increase the supply or store the milk for later.

In case you are having flat or inverted nipples, plan to buy breast shells.

Most of the mothers face the problem of sore nipples, so it is the best to buy nipple cream to help yourself get relief during the first few weeks.

You will need a special and comfortable place to nurse your baby at your home, so find out a place to sit with pillows, blankets, etc.




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