How can you say if you are in a false labor or a real labor?

Sometimes pregnant women especially the ones in their first pregnancy find it difficult to differentiate between false and real labor. Few points enumerated below will help you distinguish and take a decision accordingly.

•Contractions caused due to false labor are unpredictable and they come at irregular intervals and vary in length and intensity. Actual labors are also irregular initially but gradually they start becoming more regular and appear at shorter intervals. With time they start becoming increasingly intense and last longer.

•The contraction caused due to false labor is most likely centred in the lower abdomen area. Whereas during actual labor pain, you might feel the pain starting in your lower back and around your abdomen. So, whenever you feel these contractions, it is important that you understand the pain and accordingly decide your next course.

•False contraction subsides with time; at times a change in activity or position helps to subside the pain. Actual labor contractions will persist and go on regardless of what you do.

•Your body actually starts preparing you for the labor up to a month, so you might start feeling certain changes in your body. So, if without any changes you start getting contraction, then they are signs of false alarms.

•Your baby's movements increase closer to labor, so if you have not noticed much change, then you can be quite sure that these sudden contractions are false alarms.

•Sometimes brownish streaks on the underwear should not be confused with the bloody stain, which is a display of real labor. So, before you actually haste to the hospital only to disappoint yourself, ensure you analyse these points to avoid harassment both for yourself and the little one.

•Water breakage or membrane breakage is a sign of actual labour, so once you see that happen, you then know that you need to rush to the labor room.



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