How many prenatal visits will you be having during this trimester?

From this point onwards, you'll most probably have prenatal visits to your healthcare provider every two weeks. They will check on how you're feeling physically and emotionally and follow up on any issues raised at your last appointment. Let them know if you're having contractions, vaginal bleeding, or unusual discharge; if you're having headaches; and if you're feeling anxious or depressed.

You will be weighed and checked for signs of preeclampsia, urinary tract infections, and any other issues. Your healthcare provider will take your blood pressure and check your ankles, hands, and face for swelling.

Your healthcare provider will perform a thorough check of your baby too. They will check your baby's heartbeat and do an abdominal exam to estimate your baby's size and position. They will also follow up on your baby's movements. You will be instructed to start counting your baby's movements for a set period each day, and to alert them immediately if you sense that your baby is growing less active.

Your healthcare provider may check your cervix if they have a specific concern, such as preterm labour. They will instruct you on warning symptoms to be alert for, and about the signs of preterm labour and preeclampsia. It’s a good idea to make a list of your own specific queries beforehand, so that you can discuss them during your visit.



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