How much weight should you gain now?

Normally, pregnant mothers should gain 10-12 kg throughout the pregnancy and it all depends on your starting weight gain. If you are bulky right from the start then you need to watch your weight and if you are underweight then you need to pile up few kilos for your health. Talk to your doctor before you need any assistance on weight gain. Now that your baby bump is peeping out from your clothes, this means that your baby is growing happily inside now. Your weight gain should remain constant as this will be good for your baby’s health. Women generally gain maximum weight during the second trimester of pregnancy as the water and blood volume increases in the body on a faster rate.

Amniotic fluid also goes up during second and third trimester and this also gives rise to the weight gain. If you are overweight in your second trimester then change your eating habits and lifestyle. Gaining two pounds every week during second trimester is normal but if it is going up then you need to check and control it. Take up walking and few light exercises after consulting with your doctor as this will definitely control your weight for the coming trimester. Use your energy in doing household chores like cleaning up tiles, washing utensils, arranging clothes in the cupboards and much more. Do as much work as you can easily do, never try to exhaust yourself during pregnancy. This will not only keep a tab on your weight but it will also keep you busy throughout the day. Eat the right amount of food if you are underweight, your doctor will give you a diet chart that you should follow to gain maximum weight during second trimester.



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