How to keep your mood swings at bay?

There are many changes, both physical and emotional happening during week 9 of your pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone HCG is at its peak level and few pregnancy symptoms will be very frustrating to deal with. Among the symptoms, mood swings can be very severe. At times you will be full of energy while other times you may experience varied emotions (crying, anxious, sad). You may question yourself or have doubts on whether you will be a good parent, will the baby be healthy, how will the finances be managed?

To combat mood swings, get regular physical activity. Moderate exercises like walking, swimming, yoga are great mood boosters. Meditation and breathing techniques will help you feel calm and relaxed. Read inspirational books and listen to soothing music. Get plenty of sleep and take a nap during the day when you feel low and exhausted. Above all, support and understanding from your spouse will help you feel better. Communicate how you feel to your spouse and by being considerate and understanding towards you, mood swings can be easy to deal with. You can also distract yourself by going for a movie or eating at your favourite restaurant with your spouse or group of friends. However, if the mood swings last for a long time, are becoming intense and leading to depression and anxiety, speak to your doctor soon. Depression and anxiety are not same as mood swings.

Pregnancy is a life changing event. But understanding and accepting the changes that come with it, support from spouse, friends and parents and guidance from your doctor will ease the symptoms and concerns.




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