How your body is changing & so is your life

During your 10th week, you are likely to get more constipated as progesterone hormone that is produced during pregnancy slows down the bowel movements that leads to constipation. Eat more and fiber to keep your bowel movements smooth like fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and whole grains. This will keep your bowel movements smooth and you will feel free from constipation. Drink loads of water to keep your body hydrated and this will also treat constipation. When you are 10 weeks pregnant, you will notice a slight curve in your lower abdomen as this is your growing uterus that is peeping out and if you haven’t noticed any bulge then keep patience, it will appear in the coming weeks.

You might notice blue veins that have appeared on your skin and this is because these veins are supplying blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your fetus for its healthy development. On hands and feet, these veins are more prominent and a sign that you are pregnant. They will disappear once your baby is born and you will no longer breastfeed your baby.

Fatigue is another problem that you will face during week 10 as your body is working very hard to accommodate your baby for 9 months inside you. Get as much rest as you can and do not try to do everything at once. Take help of your partner or call for some help at your place if you are really in need for rest. During this week, nausea and vomiting will remain and you need to try some effective home remedies to get a soothing effect on nausea. Bloating will also be a common phase during this phase as your gastrointestinal tract is relaxing, so this leads to more indigestion. Make sure that you stay away from oily, spicy and gas forming foods like beans or broccoli.




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