How your body will change after this pregnancy

Very soon, your little bundle of joy will be in your arms and your world will revolve around your baby. Pregnancy and delivery will bring many changes to your body and you need to know about these changes beforehand so that you can stay happy along with these changes.

The first and foremost change will come to your hair as they will start falling and some of you might experience bald patches here and there. Due to a sudden drop in the estrogen level the hairfall starts after the delivery of your baby. This period remains for 3-4 months after delivery and then it gets back to normal hair growth. Your breasts will be bigger and heavy for several weeks but the soreness and swelling will go away as soon as milk will produced on a regular basis. Some of you may notice sagging of breasts, which is normal. Regular massage will keep the breasts in firm shape.

Your vagina will be loose and muscles will feel stretched out due to delivery of your baby. Do Kegal exercises as suggested by your doctor and your vaginal muscles will become tight like before. Your body weight will remain constant for few months and it will start getting back to normal after few months. You can start doing light exercises and brisk walking to shed those extra pounds that you gained during pregnancy. You will lose a lot of weight after delivery that is retained in your body in the form of water.

All the water retained in the cells will be expelled by your body and the removal of placenta will also get your weight down by a few kilos. Your skin will also undergo lot of changes and there will be pigmentations and acne breakout on your skin for few months. This cycle will also take time to get normal, so do not lose hope. Stretch marks will stay on your stomach area and turn silver and shiny in few months. You might feel an urgency to urinate every now and then due to changes in bladder muscles. Post-natal depression is very common among new mothers, so you need to keep yourself active and busy to get rid of this situation. There will be bleeding for few days that might take up to 15-20 days to get over and there will be painful contractions as well due to the uterus shrinking back to its normal size.




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