Hurrah! Your nausea should start to subside now & the appetite should be back

The high progesterone level in the first trimester is responsible for morning sickness. You may even lose weight, which is common. However, now as you are nearing the end of first trimester, the good news is that the symptoms would reduce and make you feel better. Nausea, fatigue, vomiting symptoms will now decrease to a great extent and with this encouraging development, you will be getting back your appetite. The rapid growth of your little one along with maintaining your high blood levels, both cause food cravings and you feel hungrier gradually as you approach second trimester.

The calorie intake needed during the second trimester is 350. When you feel hungry, eat protein and complex carbohydrates, which will sustain hunger for a longer time. Bananas, yoghurt, whole grain chapatti are few options to consider. Avoid foods that have a strong smell. This can affect your appetite. You can also work on the temperature aspect of the food. Some prefer cold while others hot. Your doctor can recommend vitamin B and antihistamine, which will help improve the appetite.

Besides the above, eat small frequent meals, keep yourself hydrated, stock healthy snacks which are handy and have a balanced diet. These tips will help you deal with hunger pangs in a better way in the coming weeks. Most importantly, work on the quality of food rather than quantity. Indulging in your favourite food once in a while is absolutely fine.




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