If your baby isn't here yet, are there natural ways you can kickstart a labor?

Around 40 weeks or if you are overdue in pregnancy, the labor is induced naturally so that your baby can arrive soon in your arms. You need to stay away from tension and relax in the first place to start labor. Try to indulge in some creative activities that you like, make a card for your baby, go for a pedicure or a manicure, try dining at a new restaurant, go for a movie, or have your favorite dessert with your partner. If your contractions have started but you are not yet feeling them in a powerful way then you need to take a stroll as this helps in bringing the baby into the right position in which your baby will be born.

Intercourse with your spouse Having sex with your partner also helps in releasing the hormones that helps in inducing the labor. Semen of men has natural prostaglandins that helps in kicking off the labor naturally.

Castor oil Castor oil also helps in starting the labor but proceed with caution as this also stimulates the bowel movements of the mother and the baby.

Primrose oil You can also apply primrose oil on the cervix and this helps in dilating the cervix naturally.

Nipple stimulation Nipple simulation is also a process that helps in inducing the labor due to release of oxytocin hormone that causes contractions and induces labor. Some doctors do strip the membranes that is done to separate the amniotic sac from the area around the cervix to induce labor.

Can some spicy food help? Midwives also suggest eating spicy food that will help in increasing the contraction and drinking red raspberry leaf tea as this also helps in inducing labor and also helps in toning and strengthening the uterus for the labor and delivery process.




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