Invest time in self-care: Here's how to get a good sleep

At present, your tummy is big and you won’t be able to get a comfortable good night sleep. But there are certain tips and tricks that will lead you to a peaceful sleep during this period. For those mothers who sleep on their tummy, they need to change their position and sleep on their sides now.

Sleeping on the back will also cause heartburn, nausea, and breathlessness in mothers-to-be. Here are certain tips that will give a peaceful sleep and make mothers very comfortable.

Getting a good sleep is no science and it is not very tough as well. When mind is at peace and in sync with the body then this can be easily achieved. You need to make a sleeping schedule and stick to it no matter what. Try to sleep eight hours during the day and this is more than enough for your good health. If you want to rest more than this then also it is alright.

Get up on time in the morning and then snooze in bed on time at night as this will prove very healthy for you and your baby.

Keep yourself away from TV and other gadgets when you are about to sleep as your mind should cut away from all these things when you are ready to sleep.

Drink good amount of water during the day time and slow down during night time as you need to get up frequently for urinating and this will disturb your sleep.

Doing light exercises and indulging yourself in some activity or another is a good idea to keep your body busy and this will also give you a good sleep.

Try to meditate for few minutes before going to bed and this will also gives you a happy and peaceful sleep.

If you are not able to get a good sleep even after these tips, do consult your doctor as she will definitely help you out by giving you a plan that will give you a good sleep.




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