Is it all normal to crave sex so much during pregnancy?

Pregnancy sends your sex drive into an over-drive and this is normal for mothers-to-be as there are hormonal changes in your body that are responsible for this change in you. Your breasts are growing bigger by the time you are in your week 21 and they are more sensitive now. The vulva is grown with extra blood flow and gives more pleasure during sex. This is a difficult stage for your partner as he might not understand this funny change in you but he will be with you once he understands the changes in your body. This sex drive will continue until the end of your third trimester when you will be closer to your delivery.

If you find this feeling funny and you have certain doubts then you can call up your doctor ask her about this change in your sexual behavior. Your doctor must have told you and your partner to be close to each other for certain months and now she will let you know if you can continue enjoying a good time together.

This urge for sex is not common in all the mothers and it differs from person to person. Some pregnant mothers might not feel the heightened sexual urge and some of them feel a very strong urge to have sex during the day with their partner. It will be uncomfortable for you and your partner to have sex while you are pregnant with a big belly in your week 21 but you can try some comfortable positions that will give you pleasurable moments with your partner.




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