Is your cervix dilated?

The opening of cervix or dilation means you are in labor and your baby can be there in your arms anytime now. At week 37, the amniotic fluid will start decreasing and contractions will start increasing. Your cervix will start to dilate and efface and when you pass the mucus plug that blocks the opening of the cervix. This means that your dilation process has started and your body has begun preparing for the birth. Labor is a natural process that starts when your baby is ready to be delivered and pushes by self out of the birth canal. Many babies are generally born before due date or after due date as only 5 percent babies are born on their given due date.

During this week, you need to keep a check on your baby’s movements and heartbeat as well. If you see any discrepancy then immediately see your doctor so that she can keep a check on things. Dilation is checked during a pelvic exam test and measured in centimeters that starts from 0 cm to 10 cm that is called fully dilated. 4cm dilation is considered as an active stage of labor where you will start pushing the baby towards the birth canal. When the water bag breaks, it is a sign that you are into an active labor and delivery should be done immediately for a safer delivery of the baby.




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