Keep a check on your baby's movements

At 37 weeks, it is extremely important to maintain a dossier and keep a close count on the number of baby's kicks you feel. The process of kick counting involves a number of kicks or number of movements of the baby over a two-hour period. So, as long as you log in six to ten movements, it’s perfectly fine. At this point of time, if there is any decrease in the number of movements then it’s surely a matter of concern and a sign of trouble.Keep a check on your baby's movements

Though it can be also that your baby is sleeping or maybe your baby is in a less obvious position. There can also be a drop in the movement because of low amniotic fluid or ruptured amniotic sac or even a tangled amniotic cord. In this phase, any change in the movement should be looked upon, and if you are doing daily counts since the beginning then by now you know your baby and can very well determine if something is not right.

Try to stay calm and count the kicks and you might get consumed by the flutters and punches. You can try to sip a little bit of iced water to see if there is any stimulation in your baby. If this doesn’t work, then you must consult your doctor or midwife immediately. Try not to raise stress levels as it is harmful both for you and your baby. Though a decrease in kick counts can cause alarms before you actually jump into any conclusions, do consult your doctor to avoid any confusion. At this point, your baby will now be curled into the fetal position and the movements might be restricted to kicking, a bit of stretching, and some attempts in rotating. At this stage, your baby can have longer sleeping periods and so, might feel a slight reduction of movement. Nonetheless, you must observe and be agile at all times, and ensure complete safety of yourself and your little one.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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