Lesser nausea, glowing skin: Here's a list of symptoms you're likely to experience

The symptoms of 16th week of pregnancy are good considering the skin and hair. You can feel the skin glow and you will have lustrous hair. Nausea will also reduce considerably. You might also start feeling kicks from your baby. Along with these, the other symptoms include:

•Backaches Your backache is a side effect hormone changes. To lessen back pain , try low impact exercises, sit and stand up straight and stretch frequently

•Constipation This is because of the pressure of growing belly on the intestines. Include fiber rich food in your diet and drink lot of water.

•Forgetfulness This is due to change in hormone levels. It’s also known as pregnancy mind. It may also happen due to stress

•Bigger breasts The size of the breasts increase because of secretion of milk. Once the baby is born and you start feeding, they return to normalcy

•Dry eyes Dry eyes is due to change in hormone levels. Consult doctor if you want to use eye drops.

•Nose bleeding The swelling of mucous membrane causes nose bleeding. Check with your doctor if you can use nasal sprays.

•Increased vaginal discharge This happens in almost all weeks of pregnancy. It prevents infection in the birth canal. Use panty liners if you have discomfort.

•Glowing skin This is the good symptom of week 16. It’s also called the pregnancy glow. This happens due to the increase of blood flow to blood vessels. Glow may also be because of secretion of oil due to change in hormone levels.

•Varicose veins Varicose veins occurs due to pressure on the circulatory system. Keeping the feet up and keeping a tab on weight gain, reduces varicose veins.

These are some of the common symptoms of week 16. At any point of time if you feel uncomfortable or experience some pain, consult your gynecologist.




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