Most of your baby's physical development is now COMPLETE!

Your baby has fully developed by week 35 and within few weeks and will be in your arms. Your baby is gaining few grams of weight every week and getting lesser room than before to move around. Your little one might not get enough space to kick or move around but will definitely try to push by self out now. At this stage, keep a track of your baby’s kicks as they will not stop, only the movement will be affected at this stage. If you feel less kicks than before then do not ignore this and see your doctor immediately. Your baby’s vita; organs and body is fully developed now as your baby will have fully functional kidneys and liver processing waste products that your baby will excrete on day 1 in the form of meconium after born. Your baby head is weighing more than before due to fully developed brain and this will keep a constant pressure on your bladder, which means more bathroom trips for you.

The amount of amniotic fluid will gradually decrease at this stage because your baby will take all the space in the womb. You can now easily look at your baby’s movements by taking a look at your grown up belly. By this time, your baby will be upside down wherein head will be downwards and legs will be towards your ribs. Your baby is making ready to go down into your birth canal and from there will make journey to meet you outside. The bones of your baby will remain soft and separated until after the birth to make the journey through birth canal easy. Your baby’s lungs are fully formed and is ready to breathe in the outside world.




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