Now would be the right time to start planning your Maternity Leave

At week 25, it’s time for you to start planning your maternity leave. Planning for maternity leave the right way and at the right time can help you to enjoy the child birth period without any stress or hassle.

Maternity leave largely depends on the place where you live in and the facilities given to the employees by the company you are working with. It is advisable to find out the privileges that your company offers to the employees beforehand – the maternity leave period, whether the employer gives paid maternity leave or is there any other clause – so that it helps you plan accordingly. Also find out if the leave can be adjusted or extended if things turn different

Make a list of your responsibilities in the workplace that can get affected while you are on leave. Discuss with your boss and share the responsibilities with your co-workers accordingly. If you have to deal with clients, update them regarding your leave, and cover your responsibilities accordingly. Let them know when you are planning to return

Combining a career with a new baby will be challenging. Discuss with your family and decide beforehand whether you are fully prepared to return to work or not. This will save you from postnatal depression and frustration which frequently occurs when new moms struggle to cope with office and family responsibilities. Try to obtain help from family members and ensure that they will stay with you for long and will also look after the responsibilities of your child.

If you plan properly, you will be relaxed and have a stress free child birth experience.




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