Plan a BabyMoon with your partner now!

Babymoon is a travel expedition for parents-to-be before their baby arrives and takes the space between them. When you are in your second trimester and your eating has improved, you can go for a Babymoon where you and your partner can relax and enjoy loving moments. Check with your doctor before going for a travel plan and keep all things in check related to your pregnancy. Take a comfortable mode of transport for journey that gives you all the comfort and you get a chance to pee every now and then. Avoid long hours journey as this might make you tired and sick.

Look for the weather conditions of the place where you are travelling as you need to feel comfortable and relaxed wherever you go. Look out for a place that gives pregnancy-friendly activities so that you can indulge in the same. In pregnancy, emergency alarm can ring anytime so you make sure that there is a medical help available on immediate basis and the place is within the reach of a good hospital. Book a comfortable room with a large bed and scenic beauty. Do not book a room where there is lot of noise and disturbance. Take a spa and soothe yourself with peaceful massage. Check with the menu of the place where you will stay and make sure that they serve all kind of food on your plate rather than giving just the spicy stuff. Plan a candlelight dinner with your partner and make this a forever memory of your life.




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