Potential health risks & how to avert them: Congestion & allergies

Pregnancy brings about many emotional and physical changes. Combating those in this exciting phase of your life is challenging. One of the annoying symptoms is dealing with congestion and allergies. With allergies come congestion, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes.

The reasons for the allergies during this time are almost the same as getting them when you are not pregnant. You could be dealing with seasonal/ indoor allergies.

Besides, due to an increase in fluids that circulate in your body during pregnancy, at times congestion in the blood vessels in sinuses goes up leading to a stuffy nose. This condition is called Pregnancy Rhinitis. During this time, you are more prone to sinus infections. In case you are having a headache, fever, green or yellow mucus, facial pain, upper jaw ache, consult your doctor immediately. However, your baby is doing fine even when you are dealing with the allergies/pregnancy rhinitis.

There are few home remedies to deal with allergies during this time:

-Remove the potential irritants like dust in your home by regular cleaning.

-As soon as you get home, change your clothes.

-If you have been out, once home take a shower and wash your hair.

-The pollen content is high during dawn. Avoid going out during that time.

-In case you don’t find comfort and the allergies are bothering you badly, consult your doctor who can guide you and help you relieve the troubling symptoms of allergies.




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