Potential health risks: Keep a check on the color of your urine

During pregnancy, the urine colour can change from yellow, bright yellow to dark yellow. Multitude of factors are responsible for the colour change. Your kidneys are now working harder as they are filtering the increasing volume of blood. In addition to this, changes in diet, intake of vitamins and medicines and taking in less fluids, also cause change in the urine colour.

What you eat during pregnancy will also have an impact on the change in urine colour. There are few fruits and vegetables that are responsible for the same. The intake of vitamins and other supplements result in a darker shade of urine. If you are dehydrated, the colour of urine will be darker. Less fluids can lead to serious pregnancy complications like low amniotic fluid, birth defects, neural tube defects and even premature labour. Drink plenty of water (8 to 12 glasses) daily to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid strenuous exercise and caffeine especially if you are dehydrated.

If the urine colour is bright yellow, along with pain in the lower abdomen and frequent urination, consult your doctor immediately. It could be a UTI(urinary tract infection) which if not treated can affect baby’s weight or lead to preterm labour. UTIs can also cause blood in urine from the bladder. This condition needs immediate medical intervention to avoid pregnancy complications.

A change in urine colour during this time, could be either due to harmless reasons or a serious condition. However, it is always better to observe this aspect of health and consult the doctor to ensure all is well.



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