Precautions you can take from now to avoid stretch marks

Stretch marks are common in pregnancy. They are caused because of a tear beneath the tummy due to the expansion of the baby. You can take a few precautions to avoid stretch marks although they cannot be completely prevented.

Here are some tips to avoid stretch marks:

Control weight: It is very easy to gain weight in pregnancy. Excess weight along with baby weight will tear the skin leading to stretch marks. Hence you have to gain recommended weight slowly and steadily. Check with your doctor for a good diet and exercise plan. This will help you eat nutritious food.

Healthy diet: Having a healthy diet helps to avoid stretch marks. Include vitamins c, d, e, zinc and proteins. Vitamin c is an important nutrient , responsible for development of collagen, which helps to avoid stretch marks. Citrus fruits are very good source of vitamin c.Including zinc in your diet, keeps your skin healthy , thus avoiding stretch marks. Nuts are high on zinc.

Keep yourself hydrated: Drinking lot of water helps to keep your skin soft. Soft skin is at lower risk of developing stretch marks. Consumption of caffeine may also cause stretch marks. Caffeine intake has to be balanced with fluid intake.

There are some treatments, which lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Retinoid cream Retinoid cream is a topical application that originates from vitamin A. The look of your skin may improve after applying retinoid, especially when your stretch marks are fresh. The cream helps to restore the collagen in your skin and makes the marks look almost like the rest of your skin. Check with your doctor before applying the cream.

Laser therapy Laser therapy is one more option for reducing stretch marks. The lasers help to restore collagen or elastin in your skin. There are different types of laser therapy, and your doctor can help you choose the right one for you.

Do not panic or be concerned if you develop stretch marks. They are sure to fade after some time. The most important thing for you is the birth of your baby. You can consider the stretch marks as an asset.




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