Preparing the hospital bag because your baby can come ''anytime now!''

By the time you are 31 weeks pregnant, you need to keep your hospital bag ready so that you can leave for the hospital at even the shortest notice. Keep your bag prepared and keep it at an easy to reach place in your house.

Medical records: Make sure your medical records are up-to-date and packed. This should be kept right at the top of your bag. If you have a birth plan put that in as well. Keep your medical insurance card handy.

Nightgowns: Hospitals usually provide gowns for expectant mothers, but if you prefer to use your own you should have 2-3 at hand which open in front – they should be 100% cotton, loose and comfortable.

Toiletries: Pack soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, and lotion.

Clothes: For post-delivery, you should have 2-3 nursing gowns and 4-5 sets of panties and nursing bras. Pack a fresh set of clothes for you to go back home in. Take a shawl or sweater and 2-3 pairs of socks if it is cold weather. You can also take a pair of comfortable slippers.

Camera: Carry your camera with extra batteries or charger to capture those special first moments.

Phone charger: Pack a spare charger in your bag in case you forget it in the hurry to get to the hospital on time.

For Baby: Pack 2-3 pairs of onesies or sleepsuits, along with a set of baby clothes to wear for the little one when going home. Take a couple of swaddling blankets, and warm sweaters or hat, if it is cold.




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