Preparing yourself for the hospital arrival

Be ready with your bag when you cross week 35 as your labor pain can start at any point and it would mark the arrival of your baby. Your bag should contain all the essential things that are required after your baby arrives into your arms. Clothes of your baby, a warm little blanket, a soft cloth, diapers, feeding bottle, sanitizer, your set of panties and nursing bras along with your comfortable clothes should be a part of your hospital bag.

Your medical records are a must that carry all the reports and records of your pregnancy cycle. Take along some wet wipes, massage oil, and cotton socks. Wear slippers to the hospital when you go for the delivery as they are most comfortable for you.

For you, managing the labor pain is also very important, so at around week 35 or 36 stroll around and look for some pain managing classes that will open up your mind before delivery. You will be prepared for the different stages of labour in an easy way. Take up some yoga classes that will teach you to focus and relax your mind during the difficult period of giving birth to your baby. Do not listen to negative stories of birth, always listen to the positive birth stories that give you encouragement. Try squatting or cleaning the floor in a sitting position in week 35 as this will help your baby to get down in the favorable position and the delivery process will be easy. Try breathing exercises as you need to do lot of deep breathing when your delivery day comes so you should be well prepared for this in advance.



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