Risks to look out for: The 3 common infections during this stage of pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through lot of hormonal changes and moms-to-be are more susceptible to a host of vaginal infections. The flow from vagina increases during pregnancy and this is normal but when the discharge has change in color, is excessive, and you can get a bad odor, then you need to visit your doctor immediately. There are 3 major infections that can affect pregnant women: Bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, Group B Strep and trichomoniasis.

Bacterial Vaginosis occurs when the bacteria that lives in the vagina overgrows and if the symptoms persist then the baby might be born early or have a low birthweight. The overgrown itching and inflammation in the vagina is caused by Candida fungus that naturally lives in the vagina. Due to increased level of estrogen and progesterone, this yeast gets the environment to thrive for a longer time. GBS bacteria usually lives in the rectum, vagina, or intestinal tract of women but your doctor will test you for this and give you antibiotics if you suffer from UTI infections. These vaginal infections should be treated during pregnancy at an earlier stage as they might give painful and dangerous labor during the delivery time.



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