Schedule your prenatal appointment if you haven't done this already

Since your pregnancy has been confirmed, now is the time to schedule your first prenatal appointment if you have not done this already. This visit will be the longest during the entire pregnancy as it will include collecting information, solving queries and carrying out tests.

Prepare yourself for the first appointment

A little preparation from your side will make the visit more fruitful. Note down your health history facts, which include vaccinations done, any surgeries, allergies including drug allergy, periods, and any problems with PMS, earlier pregnancy (if any) and any complications with that.

Note down your present health facts, which include medicines being taken for any ailment along with its respective dosage. Note down about health conditions that run in your and your spouse’s family. Also, make a note of your concerns/queries, which make you feel anxious or curious especially if it is your first pregnancy.

The doctor's to-do list

The doctor will have her own to-do list during your first prenatal appointment. Firstly, she will get the confirmation on your pregnancy by doing a urine test and blood test to check the HCG levels. After that, a general health exam will be done. She will also check your blood pressure, height and weight. Other tests like complete bloodwork, pap smear, and a blood sugar test will be prescribed. She will calculate your due date using your last period. Finally, she will take a note about your health history, present medications, if any, and health history of both side of the families. She will guide you on how to take care of yourself and the growing baby. You can also clarify your doubts/concerns. It is better to write down the tips shared by your doctor to keep them handy.

Future appointments are based on your health condition and fetal development. Ensure none of the appointments are missed so that both you and your baby get the right and best medical care.




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