Should you be consulting your doctor if you experience some vaginal discharge now?

Vaginal discharge, which is called Leukorrhea, is a harmless discharge experienced more in the second trimester than the first trimester. It is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms and increases as the pregnancy progresses. In the first trimester, there is either no or less discharge. Once the second trimester starts, the discharge quantity increases and keeps getting heavier till the end of third trimester.

The body is now producing more estrogen. This shoots up the blood flow to the pelvic area and the mucous membranes of the body gets stimulated. This results in Leukorrhea. It has a major function to protect your vagina from infection, thereby keeping it healthy. However, it is very important to know when the discharge is normal and when it's a cause of concern.

As long as the discharge is white, thick, sticky, and resembles a lot like mucus, it is normal. However, if it is yellowish and bad smelling, consult your doctor. It could be a sign of infection. In case it turns brown or bright red, causes burning or itching or pain in the pelvis or legs, consult the doctor immediately. These conditions are not normal and needs medical intervention.

Hygiene is more important now. To keep the area clean and dry, you can wear panty liners made of cotton or pads to absorb the discharge. Change your underwear regularly. Don’t use wipes as it can cause infections. Avoid douching too. This affects the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina making it more susceptible to infections. Moreover, it forces air into the vagina, which is risky.




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