Should you be starting with your safe pregnancy workout now?

Early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, mood swings, and fatigue can be annoying. Following a less strenuous exercise regime will reduce morning sickness, improve sleep and mood, make you feel less anxious and later on help with easier child birth. The right person to guide you on the form of exercise or work out to be pursued is your doctor. Please discuss with her, before you start any form of workout.

Low impact exercises like short walks, swimming, yoga are ideal during early pregnancy. Incorporate these exercises in your routine on a regular basis which will promote your physical and mental well- being.

Walking on a flat even surface with the right footwear in a calm and pleasing environment for about 30 minutes 4-5 days a week is an ideal workout for you during this time. If you have not been exercising for a long time, start with 10minute walks and slowly increase it to 30 minutes. For women who have been walking regularly, this task becomes easier.

Swimming is another exercise which promotes muscle development and flexibility. For women who are new to swimming, they can start with 30minute session 2-3 times a week and once comfortable can increase the number of sessions in a week. If you know swimming and are regularly doing this activity, you can continue.

In order to promote mental well-being, doing yoga is of immense help. It helps with mood swings and anxiety, part of pregnancy symptoms which are bothering you now. It also helps develop strength and flexibility, easing child birth later.

To ensure safe pregnancy workout, drink enough water, wear the right footwear, listen to your body’s signals on when to continue or take a break from exercise. The goal is to be healthy throughout the pregnancy. This can be achieved by incorporating the right exercise and eating habits in your schedule.




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