Should you let everyone know of your pregnancy now or wait?

As soon as this good news is confirmed to you, there are other sets of puzzles, which need your attention and one of them is spilling the pregnancy beans to others. Few couples find it absolutely difficult to interpret the ideology behind keeping their pregnancy a secret. These couples are so excited and overwhelmed by their happiness that they find it almost impossible to hide their happiness.

The good part of sharing the news at an early stage is you will have the support of your family and friends to pass on the exhilaration in the initial phase. You will also not have to fake your initial symptoms.

However, as we know, that there are pros and cons to everything, so the con to this aspect is that you are showered with too many suggestions at a time, which might be irrelevant too. Since you will be at such a sensitive phase, you will find it almost impossible to differentiate or turn a deaf ear to the same. Since everyone has a different experience and way of doing things, certain expecting mothers get perturbed and disturbed and are unable to decide for themselves.

Traditionally, couples prefer waiting till they are almost at the fag end of their first trimester. You might want your ultrasounds to confirm the news and then make a pregnancy announcement. Certain Indian traditions advise that the news should be broken after the passé of first trimester and beginning of the second one. Once you start with the 4th month, there are lesser chances of miscarriages as now the egg has fertilised and become a fetus.

So, the decision of announcing your pregnancy is a very personal decision and depends on the culture you belong to and most importantly the comfort level of the expecting mother about announcing this news. Either way, it is a moment of great happiness for the parents, so cherish every moment and make wonderful memories.



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