Signs of preterm labor that you should know now

At 24 weeks, you are at the end of your second trimester and you might start feeling early contractions that may set confusion and panic all around. It is not necessary that if you have pre-term labour then you will also have a pre-term baby. Pre-term labour is referred to any labour contractions before 37 weeks. In order to actually have pre-term labor, there are certain things, which actually need to happen, like along with contractions you must have dilations and changes in the cervix. It’s a huge misconception that contractions alone can indicate premature labor; there have been incidents where pregnant women have had painless delivery.

There are no exact reasons known for pre-term labour, but some research and studies have revealed that certain conditions and behaviors can set you to increased risk.

Some factors leading to pre-term labor are:

•If you have experienced preterm birth in your previous pregnancy •If you're expecting twins, triplets and other multiples •If you're smoking or using drugs •If you have certain health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes •If you have a short cervix and encountered some problem in past or present with your uterus •If you are aged above 35 •If you're not receiving proper prenatal care •If you got pregnant in less than 6 months after having your previous child

Certain signs of pre-term labor, which you can look out for:

•Lower back discomfort •Pelvic pressure •Abdominal cramping or regular contractions – if you experience 4-6 contractions an hour then you must see the doctor) •Vaginal spotting or bleeding •Fluid leakage – can indicate water breakage •Vaginal discharge

You must try to be very agile and aware of your body and understand your body but at the same time do not jump into conclusions. Though there are certainly no ways to prevent pre-term labor, there surely are certain medications, which ease you out, relax the uterine smooth, and temporarily halt the contractions. To prevent pre-term labor, you need to take good care of yourself throughout the journey and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must quit smoking; get your diabetes and blood pressure under control. These measures will not only keep you healthy but also the little one inside you.



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