Some effective remedies for morning sickness

During your first trimester, you will experience nausea and vomiting right in the morning. This is popularly known as morning sickness and this is an unpleasant feeling as you do not feel like eating anything. But this will not last forever as you can try some effective home remedies to get rid of nausea and your appetite will also increase at the same time.

Ginger helps in reducing morning sickness and it has stimulating properties that helps in soothing your tummy. Just take a pinch of ginger powder right in the morning with some hot water and you will feel relieved from nausea and morning sickness. You can also try ginger tea with some honey added to it for sweetness and you are good to go. Mint is another refreshing herb that will give you a soothing effect and take away the feeling of nausea. Just chew some washed fresh leaves of peppermint and you will feel refreshed. Lemon juice also helps in preventing morning sickness and you can add some black salt or sugar to it for a better taste.

Rosewater and milk also helps in preventing morning sickness as the fragrance of rose water helps in uplifting your mood and refreshes you from inside. You just need to add a drop of rose water in a glass of warm milk and drink it during bedtime to control morning sickness. Coconut water is loaded with vitamins and minerals and it helps in soothing your stomach that prevents the feeling of nausea. Keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated and eat small portion of food after every two hours or whenever you feel like eating as this will also help in preventing the morning sickness and acidity build-up that leads to vomiting.



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