Some effective remedies for the symptoms you're currently experiencing

Now that you are pregnant and in your 8th week, your body will undergo a lot of changes. There will be some symptoms throughout your entire phase and fortunately, you will certainly have some remedies to combat them.

For morning sickness Nausea and vomiting are one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Some symptoms can make everyday activities difficult and even getting up from the bed can be a task. The remedy for this kind of symptom lies in your diet. An unhealthy diet can make morning sickness really bad, so you need to curb your intake of junk food and try to avoid oily and heavy food. As for the remedy, you can try sucking on a peppermint or ginger lollipop, which can help you combat the sickness. You can try a couple of these things and see what suits you best. You can also try aromatherapy since taste is connected with a smell, so you can try some diffusers or fresh scented candles with the fragrance of mint, lemon, or ginger.

For constipation Some common remedies to combat constipation are eating healthy fiber food like fruits and vegetable flax seeds, prune juice, chia seeds, hearty grain and beans prevent you from developing haemorrhoids. You must also keep yourself hydrated. Some doctors suggest that using the right pillow can reduce pressure on the rectal area.

For headaches There could be more frequent headaches due to hormone changes and blood sugar swings. You can try lying down with a cool compress on your forehead, or even a neck or shoulder massage can help you relieve some stress and pressure. Acupuncture can be helpful, so if you are not afraid of needles you can try them too.

For heartburn You might too often feel burning sensation around your throat or chest. This is quite common because stomach acid is being pushed in the wrong direction due to the expanding uterus. A change in your diet can help; try avoiding fizzy drinks, greasy and citrusy fruits, mints and chocolates. A warm glass of milk with honey can soothe your discomfort.




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