Something to look forward to:

Finally, the anticipation of 'When will I feel my baby’s movements?' is over!

From week 16-25, you will be experiencing your little one’s movements called quickening. Though your baby has been moving from as early as 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, it is only now that you will start feeling them. Your baby has been moving, which is a sign of its stretching your womb to make more space for herself.

These first movements will not be frequent or strong enough. It should feel like a soft kick. The feeling of the movements can be compared to the likes of a popcorn popping, a butterfly flapping its wings, fish swimming, bubbles. Initially, you may associate the movements to gas or hunger pangs but as you begin to feel them regularly, you will know the difference. As pregnancy advances, the movements will be stronger and more frequent. You are most likely to feel them when you are relaxed at bedtime or after eating a snack or when you are nervous. A boost in your energy level will get her to be active too.

Enjoy these early baby movements. These tiny movements give you so much comfort that your baby is growing well and you feel more close and connected to your baby.Also, don't forget to keep smiling!




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