Symptoms you're likely to experience at 33 weeks of pregnancy

33 weeks pregnant symptoms are mostly annoyingly discomforting, unfortunately! Here’s what you’re probably feeling this week.

Pelvic pain: Pelvic pain is something several women experience when they are expecting, and in certain cases, it can be quite severe. The pain is caused by the stretched ligaments around your pelvis. Your doctor might suggest a few exercises, refer you for physiotherapy, or advise you wear a supportive belt to help ease the discomfort.

Itching: Most pregnant women experience itching at some stage of their pregnancy. The itching is most common during the third trimester of pregnancy. It may feel worse as your due date approaches. Once your baby arrives, however, the itchiness usually goes away within a few days. Try slathering on some soothing Lacto Calamine lotion for relief.

Leaking breasts: Your breasts are now noticeably bigger and they may even have begun producing colostrum, which is the thick yellow fluid that will nourish your baby in the first few days of life. So it can be common to see a little leaking at this point. Consider nursing pads if the leaking becomes uncomfortable.

Braxton Hick's contractions: These are painless uterine contractions and are nature's way of providing a practice session. Unless they are accompanied by pain, become regular or you are losing fluid from your vagina as well, don't be concerned. A simple change of position or a warm bath can often help them to subside.

Back pain: Back pain at this time is not uncommon. Make sure you bend your knees rather than your back when you pick things up, and try to avoid carrying anything too heavy. Try resting on a firm mattress, and use a hot water bottle for relief.

Shortness of breath: You may be feeling pretty exhausted quite a lot of the time now, and finding that you get out of breath and worn out more quickly than usual. Keeping active is still really encouraged though, even when you are at this late stage. Try to put your feet up and take a break as much as you can.




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