Symptoms you're likely to experience now

It is time for a small celebration for your 8th-week pregnancy between you and your baby. You may feel that your clothes are fitting bit tightly as you advance towards the 8th week.

A study by the United States Office on Women’s Health says the volume of blood increases massively during pregnancy. Hence, the systems in your body are overworking to accommodate its new adaptation. During this stage, your heart is pumping blood nearly 50 percent more per minute than it normally pumps. With all these new changes happening, you may be experiencing the following symptoms:

•Morning sickness with vomiting

Your rising hormone levels, which will be very high soon (around 10th week) may make you experience morning sickness. Sometimes this term might sound funny as for some ladies this morning sickness can happen at any time of the day or continue throughout the day.

•Fatigue and Nausea

Feeling of tiredness or exhaustion may continue this week too. It is advisable to eat crackers slowly to calm your nausea. Further small and frequent meals can assist you to regulate the blood sugar level. Provide your body with plenty of rest.

•Sore or tender breasts

Your breasts will grow more sensitive as they start to prep for lactation. Due to an increase in blood supply, dark veins may appear around the breasts giving you a sore feeling.

•Increase in vaginal discharge

There will be a thin milky discharge from your vagina known as leucorrhoea. This is an indication that your body is taking necessary precaution to protect your birth canal from infection.

•Hormonal changes

The change in hormonal levels is due to the increased blood flow through the body to enable your baby to grow. The increase in blood volume may spur headaches in some pregnant women.

The other symptoms you will experience are; heartburn, difficulty in sleeping, frequent urination, minimal weight gain, bloating and gas, constipation, aversions from food and also cravings for food, cramps in legs, sensitivity to certain smells, and unexplained anxiety.



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