Symptoms you're likely to face now

Symptoms that you’re likely to experience during week 28 have already been a part of your life by now. Let us try to understand a few of the common symptoms-

•Constipation and gas •Backaches and leg cramps •Insomnia •Breast growth and leakage •Continued weight gain •Shortness of breath •Heartburn •Swelling in limbs •Varicose veins •Frequent urination •Heavy vaginal discharge

Some uncommon symptoms such as Braxton-Hicks contractions, also called “Practice Contractions,” usually start in the third trimester and intensify closer to delivery.

In practice contractions, the muscles of your uterus will tighten for about 30 to 60 seconds, and sometimes for up to 2 minutes. While they can be uncomfortable, they don’t cause intense pain. They aren't regular. Even though the pain in real labour is accompanied by contractions. If at any point you feel that the contractions are getting painful or are occuring very frequently, then its time you should go for a checkup.

Constipation and gas Constipation and gas is a very common problem during pregnancy and the easiest way to combat this problem is to start eating 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones. These smaller meals are less work for your digestive system, so it’s less likely to get back up or create extra gas.

Backaches and leg cramps You can speak to your doctor and go for some gentle stretches which will help your muscles to relax as gradually due to the extra burden of carrying the baby you might experience more cramps.

Insomnia The 3rd trimester is accompanied by some symptoms, which require a lot of care and nurture. If you are suffering from insomnia then please discuss with your doctor and try to take up some relaxation techniques to help you overcome this. Listening to soft music might help.


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