The basic sections of your baby's brain have developed

At seven weeks, your baby is still a tiny dot and gradually all the body parts are developing and growing. Apparently, the brain is that part which is developing the most and growing every day. The brain is becoming more complex and the skull is also growing to protect the transparent portion of the brain.

You will be surprised to know that your baby is making 100 new brain cells every minute. At this stage, you will not witness too many physical changes but internally you are actually undergoing a lot. The basic section of the baby's brain has been formed and gradually this part of the organ will be divided into three parts: Fore brain, mid brain, and hind brain. Fore brain assists in problem-solving, reasoning, and retaining memories. The basic attribute of the mid brain is to relay electrical signals to the final destination of the brain and the hind brain takes care of the breathing, heart rate, and muscle movement.

Other body parts also start developing like eyes, ears; nose, eyelids, and paddle-like hands and feet’s are forming too. The knees and ankles have also started taking the shape, also accelerating the development of the spinal cord.




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