Things to remember before choosing baby names

In your week 19, start thinking of your baby’s name as per both genders, since you don't know yet if you are having a girl or a boy. Take help of your friends, family members and your partner in finding about the perfect name for your baby.

There are however, few things you must remember before deciding a baby name for the little one. Think well before keeping your baby’s name after a famous personality as that person should be known for his good deeds. Do not name your child on personalities that were popular for all wrong things in the history.At a certain age, your child might not like this idea of calling him or her by the same name.

Never name your baby on the name of the pets like Kitty, Bruno, Suzy, Max, Toffee, Choco, and many more. When your child will come to know of this then this will upset the little one in the future. Keep easy names that are easy to pronounce and spell for your baby and others as well. Do not go after unique names that are difficult to pronounce even for you. Keep short and meaningful names.

Do not go after the names that are too popular as when your baby will be out and you call out his or hername, you will see 5 other kids with the same name running towards you. Keep a simple name that will impress others and is good to hear. Keep your foot down when both of you agree on a name, let your partner also enjoy this opportunity of naming the baby. Avoid giving brand name to your child like Chanel, Armani etc, as your baby will not like to be a moving product in future. Also, choose a name that will go really well with your baby's last name.




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