Think about right childcare options in case you plan to join work soon after giving birth

By the time you are in week 21, you need to think about your career options when you are a working mother. You need to think about the facilities that your baby should get when you need to join work immediately after giving birth to your baby. Leaving such a small baby with someone else is in deed a big decision as you need to choose the best for your baby. You can opt for daycare or you can keep a full time nanny at home or a babysitter till the time you reach home from office. You need to choose what is best for you and your baby. If you live in a joint family and grandparents are ready to take care of your child then go ahead with that plan and make sure that they are physically fit to do so. If you plan to leave your baby with a maid then make sure that you get all the details about that maid first and she must have a prior experience in handling, such a small baby. Make sure that the maid is experienced and also a mother herself, so that she can understand the needs of your baby like her own child.

While choosing a daycare, just take a look at the environment of the daycare and also the safety. You need to stay with your child for few hours during the initial days of leaving your baby in a daycare. Once your baby is alright with the surroundings, you can leave and this way you can start on extending the periods when you are apart from your baby. Take help of breastmilk extractor and store it in the bottles and give the bottles to caretaker when you leave for your office so that your baby can get your milk when you are away for long hours. In case there is an emergency with the caregiver of your baby then always have a back up plan ready and do not hesitate to call up your friend, neighbour or relative who can take care of your baby in your absence.




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