Time to safe-wash all the baby clothes you've bought recently

We’re sure you’ve started thinking about those cute tiny clothes for your little one! With brand-new baby clothes, it is vital to wash them before your little one wears them for the first time. It's not necessary to do it before your baby is born, but it's a good idea to do it before your baby wears them.

Your newborn’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. Baby clothes are exposed to a lot of harmful bacteria from before buying them to during the journey or even at home. Before garments arrive at a shop, they are often stored in large warehouses and can be exposed to many different bugs and rodents. These pests can get in boxes and on baby clothes. Washing new clothes will also soften them up and make them feel better on your baby's delicate skin.

Here are some things to keep in mind when washing your baby’s clothes:

•Check the garment label for washing instructions. This will help you understand the material and the manner in which it can react to a wash.

•Use a gentle, baby-friendly detergent which doesn't include dyes or perfumes, since those can irritate skin.

•Pre-soak in hot water if possible – this will kill a lot of the germs.

•Wash the baby clothes separately so that the bacteria from other clothes are not transferred to the baby’s clothes.

•Dry in the sun if possible. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant.




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