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As she embarks on this beautiful journey, a mom-to-be needs to keep a check of her diet intake at all times. Since the food that you intake will be absorbed by your little one, it is imperative for you to add food sources with high nutrients, proteins, and energy. A healthy diet can help you and your baby grow.

Ensure that you eat the right food, which provides you with energy and support to both you and your baby. Try to create a balance on the choice of foods that you make. It must include proteins, vitamins, fats, and also minerals. You must try to mentally divide the food and to add vegetable and fruits as the major part and proteins and grains as the other half.

At this stage prenatal vitamins are also important, as they are a great way to impart all the important nourishment to you and your baby. They contain important vitamins and minerals such as folic acid and iron. These prenatal vitamins also provide and makeup for any vitamins or essentials that are not reaching you by way of food. In order to ensure that you have a smooth pregnancy, you must try to incorporate regular exercise as much as you incorporate proper food. If you exercise regularly during pregnancy, you will be able to gain adequate weight and also shed the extra pounds post your pregnancy. Also, avoid certain food items like raw papaya if you're planning for a baby.




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