Tone down your expectations about when you see your baby for the first time

Okay, so first things first, every baby is beautiful!

A baby is a gift from God and every gift from the almighty is beautiful.

However, keep the practical approach alive when it comes to expecting how your newborn would look. Most babies right after birth aren't exactly how you imagined them to be. Hey, they just came out from a world of amniotic fluid into a real world that has air, water, people, and so much more! Most babies take some time to have their actual facial features show up! So, be patient and don't go all disappointed right after delivery!

Some things to remember:

-Don’t be alarmed by the soft spots on your baby’s skull, they are known as fontanelles. They allow the head to compress enough to fit it through the birth canal. Your newborn will have a big head, short legs, and a distended torso. Newborns look this manner because they have spent a long time squeezing through their birth canal.

-The genitals could also be somewhat swollen from the extra dose of female hormones received just before birth.

-Premature babies have thin transparent looking skin and may be covered with lanugo, downy hair. Don’t be surprised if you see a greasy like layer on your baby is known as vernix. This substance protects the skin of your little one from amniotic fluid. Full-term babies have few traces of Vernix in the folds of their skin and also have a slightly wrinkly appearance.

Most mothers are disappointed with the first look of their baby, especially the ones delivering for the first time since they have been eagerly waiting for a beautiful and adorable baby. But mommies you need to wait a little longer before you can be cooing over your little one. Initially, your baby might have swollen eyes and face, but they may have pink lips and white or blue palms due to the immature circulatory system. Once the blood circulation will mature, your baby will have a regular blood flow. Your baby might be full of hair and can also be born bald, but the hair at birth has hardly anything to do with the kind of hair he or she will have later on. So, don’t panic if your baby is born bald.

Factors, which mainly determine the physical looks of your baby are an inheritance from various people within their gene pool and blood relations.




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