Understanding the stages of Labor

Your labor can start at anytime from now as you enter into week 36 and past this week, your pregnancy will be called full-term. At this point, you should understand about the three stages of labor that you will go through at the time of delivery. At first stage, your cervix starts to dilate and it opens up. When your cervix opens at around 10 centimeter, then the first stage gets completed.

This process goes on for days, hours, where you feel little pain or cramps in your stomach. Your amniotic fluid slowly starts to leak when your water bag breaks and this is a sign that your baby is ready for delivery. At the second stage, pain will start and it will come and go like waves. At the second stage, the cervix fully dilates and you will experience longer and stronger contractions. There will be an increased pressure on your bottom part and you will feel an urge to push. This might give you cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

During the second stage, you need to concentrate on your breathing power and breathe deeply, relax and then push the baby with force. The third stage comes after the delivery of your baby, which finishes with the delivery of placenta and membranes from the womb. To deliver the placenta, you need to continue pushing and you will get a feeling of fullness in your vagina. This completes the stages of your delivery and now you can have your baby in your arms.




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