Utilizing the last few days before parenthood the best way

Hurrah! Few days to go!

Are you ready for the birth of your kiddo? Raising kids is one of the toughest tasks in the world. Your life is not going to be the same as you will be entering into the phase of motherhood. So, you should utilize the last few days in the best possible way to avoid hassle in the coming days.

Utilizing the last few days before parenthood the best way

Do these tasks in advance to help make the upcoming transition easier for you:

Time with spouse

Enjoy the time with your spouse as you will not get much free time once your baby is born. So, make the most of this time. Plan a weekend with your partner and watch movies, enjoy candle light dinner, before your baby arrives.

Time with friends Plan for a get together with your friends as you will find it difficult to talk to them after your baby is born. Try to spend some quality time with them.

Baby's nursery You are not going to have much time for anything postpartum, so it is the best time to complete your baby’s nursery. A well prepared and structured nursery will make your life smooth. Decorate it as per your wish and make it beautiful.

Me-Time! New mommies look for alone time later on, so spend some Me-Time now doing your favorite things. Do window shopping, read some good books, prepare your favorite meal for yourself and not to forget to pamper yourself by going to the parlor.

Plan the social media posts Announcing your child birth on social media’s is a great way to introduce your newborn. So, make a good collage or write few good lines in advance and save them in your drafts. It will be a lot easy for you to post such stuff once your baby arrives.

Prep up that hospital bag! You never know when you have to head to the hospital, so it is a good idea to pack your bag for yourself and baby. Make sure to keep all the necessary items, which are required at the hospital.

Plan on child-safety Your child's safety should be your topmost priority, so you should start baby proofing the house before the birth of the baby. Baby proofing is not a one day job! It includes installing baby gates, secure electrical cords to baseboards, assembling a first-aid kit, keeping emergency numbers handy, putting childproof locks on the cabinets, etc.

The list is way too long but start preparing today in order to avoid a last minute rush.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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