Welcome to the second trimester of your pregnancy, also known as the 'Honeymoon Phase!''

Congratulations! You have made it through the first trimester. Now you will have more energy with the morning sickness symptoms disappearing. This trimester your baby will grow rapidly.

You will experience many physical changes. Skin changes occur. This is due to hormonal changes happening which increase the melanin, pigment bearing cells in your skin. A dark line is seen below the abdomen and brown patches on face may also appear. If you are outdoors, this issue can worsen and hence apply sunscreen. Now, as your baby is growing big, your uterus expands and abdomen grows. Your breasts also continue to increase in size.

You may have nasal issues. Your body is making more blood due to increase in hormonal levels. This results in swelling of mucous membranes of the nose and cause nosebleeds. Your gums are also becoming sensitive. As you floss and brush, little bleeding occurs. Using a soft brush and rinsing with salt water helps. You may also feel dizzy. In that case lie on your side and don’t stand for long time. Drink plenty of fluids. Vaginal discharge is also normal and common during this time. In case it turns yellow, foul smelling and leads to itching, consult your doctor immediately. It could be an infection. During your prenatal visits, the doctor will monitor your weight and blood pressure. She will focus on your baby’s growth, heartbeat and her overall health.

The second trimester is the most enjoyable of the entire pregnancy inspite of the physical changes happening. No wonder it is called the 'Honeymoon Phase' in pregnancy. By eating a balanced diet, going for walks, support from your spouse, family and friends and establishing the early connection by talking to your little one, you can enjoy the second trimester while you are feeling better and your baby’s development takes on a new meaning.



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