What activities are safe for you & your baby now?

At 11 weeks of pregnancy, your baby looks like a tiny person who is very active. Your Baby has started to push your belly out. The diaphragm is forming and your little one is practicing swallowing, which results in hiccups. Also practicing moves like stretching, kicking, and doing somersaults. However, it will take few more weeks for you to feel these movements.

Now with morning sickness almost getting over, you can enjoy exercises more than before. Engage in moderate intensity exercise for about half an hour 4-5 days a week. Walking, swimming, yoga are safe and highly beneficial exercises. After the first trimester, stretching exercises should be done very carefully. Swimming works on all muscles, thereby avoiding the risk of overheating. Continue the meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, which will ease stress, improve mood and make your body flexible, easing childbirth later.

Incorporate one or a combination of the above physical activities in your regular routine, which will keep you active and healthy during pregnancy. Avoid intense workouts like heavy weight training, abdominal stretching exercises, and exercises that involve lying on the stomach.

While planning out your exercise regime, your fitness level and present health condition are deciding factors taken into account by the instructor and doctor to ensure you are physically and mentally healthy throughout the rest of the pregnancy.




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