What are the odds that your baby may be born prematurely?

A baby that takes birth more than three weeks before the due date is called a premature baby. In simple words, we can say, a preemie is one who is born before 37th week of pregnancy. The earlier the baby is born, the higher the risk of complications.

To reduce the risk of premature delivery, you should avoid smoking and drinking during your pregnancy. If your first baby is premature, then you are at a higher risk of delivering a premature baby again. Avoid eating too much of sweet in case you have a family history of diabetes. Because diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and being underweight or overweight can lead to premature delivery.

Signs of Prematurity

You must be experiencing a lot of changes and sensations during pregnancy, so it might get difficult for you to know if it is a stomach muscle cramping or the preterm contractions. Here are some of the most common warning signals to make you aware of the preterm contractions. Call your health care provider in case:

-Contraction or cramping or any discomfort seems to occur frequently or more often, say every 10 minutes;

-Your water breaks which means if you see watery fluid coming out of your vagina;

-You are having constant pain in your lower back and it doesn’t give you relief even after changing positions.

-You feel increased pressure in your vagina or pelvis which makes you feel like your baby is pushing down;

-There is an increased vaginal discharge or bloody mucus;

-You are suffering from diarrhea close to your due date.

If you experience any of the above symptom then you can help prevent your premature labor by taking the below steps:

-Try to empty your bladder

-Drink plenty of water as contractions increases due to dehydration

-Don’t lie down flat on your back



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