What are the odds you may have a C-Section?

A C-section or caesarean is a crucial surgical procedure in which doctors cut open the pregnant woman's abdomen and uterus and deliver the baby through incision. In most of the cases, the mother is awake but anesthetized from the chest down with epidural or spinal anesthesia.

Your odds of having a C-Section:

In most cases, C-sections are performed when the health of either the mother or the baby is at stake. Some of the most common circumstances under which doctors opt for C-Section birth include:

What are the odds you may have a C-Section?

•The mother is pregnant with twins When multiples are ready to be born too early, or are in unsafe positions in the uterus at the beginning of labor that is in breech there is a likelihood of a C-Section birth.

•The mother's labor is impeded This could be due to various reasons like contractions not being strong enough to open the cervix for baby to descend.

•The mother has issues with her placenta

There are two problems with the placenta that may require a c section to be performed. One is the placenta covering the cervix partially or fully there by preventing descent of baby. Second is that the placenta separates itself from the wall of the uterus, cutting off supply of oxygen to baby.

•The mother has previously had a C-Section delivery This is one of the biggest reasons that women have C-Sections.

•The pelvis is abnormal An earlier injury may rule out a vaginal birth.

•The mother has severe illness Or other condition, like diabetes, herpes or heart problem, which is not safe for the baby.

•The mother is advised that delivery is necessary This could be because of health issues but she is not in labor

•If the baby is in distress because of umbilical cord The doctor will check the fetal monitor and perform C-Section.

•The baby's head is too large or baby is in breech position A C-Section is also performed when the baby's hands and legs are in the process of coming out. •The baby has a medical condition and needs to be delivered by C-SectionThere could also be so many other r

easons for a C-Section. It is best to check with your doctor.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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