What are the odds you're pregnant with twins?

Conceiving through any infertility treatment gives you a higher probability of having twins. However, factors such as family history, age, height, also increase the probability. Certain other factors when you conceive without any treatment also affect your odds for having twins.

Women over the age of 30 certainly have higher chances of having twins. The Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) hormone rises as women get older and this is a hormone responsible for the development of eggs in the ovaries before they are released. Older women require higher levels of FSH as compared to younger women since they require much more stimulation than younger women. Ironically, increased FSH also reduces your fertility, but sometimes follicles overreact to the higher FSH levels and two or more eggs are released leading to twins.

If you have a strong family background of identical twins or fraternal twins in the mother’s or father’s side then probabilities increase in your case. Women having BMI over 30 or who are more on the obese side are more likely to conceive twins. Again, this situation is ironic since obese women have difficulty in conceiving. Extra fat leads to a high estrogen level, which in turn leads to overstimulation during ovulation, and instead of one egg, two eggs are released.

Women with an average height of 164.8 cm are more likely to conceive twins than women having a height of 161.8 cm. Though there isn’t much clarity as to why this logic is applicable, but better nutrition can be a cause. Another major reason which has been ascertained is that women who conceive during breastfeeding are likely to conceive twins. Even though there has been an analysis that breastfeeding mothers do not conceive so soon, this too has been proven. The overall rate of twins is 3.35%, in that twins from treatments is 0.95%.

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