What Can You Expect During The Third Trimester?

What Can You Expect During The Third Trimester?
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Congratulations, finally you have entered the last phase of your prenatal journey! The third trimester is the most exciting one out of all the three trimesters. Shortly, you will be hitting the final destination, which is to take your sweet baby home post-delivery.

Therefore, it’s important that you plan for birth while enjoying the last few weeks of your pregnancy!

What is the duration of the third trimester?

The third trimester begins as you hit week 28 of pregnancy and extends till birth (approximate 40 weeks of pregnancy). Alternative, we can say that the third trimester initiates from the 7th month and ends by the 9th month of your pregnancy.

This trimester will often make you feel emotionally bit restless. You will be eager to get your little bundle of joy in your arm rather than your womb. Finally, your baby gets ready to arrive with the beginning of the 37th week. Your baby will be considered as a full term with the commencement of your 37th week of pregnancy! Consult with your doctor and get updated about the pre-symptoms of labour initiation. This, in turn, will help you to realize the exact time to pop in for the delivery.

Few glimpses of your body changes during the third trimester

While your baby passes through the final stretch of growth and development, here are a few physical changes along with helpful tips that you can expect during your third trimester:

1. Stretch marks (striae gravidarum) on tummy, breasts, buttocks, and thighs

* It gradually fades away post birth. 

* A good shea butter based moisturizers or regular oil massage could be beneficial.

2. Itchy dry skin

     Opt for an oil based bath soap and apply oil or moisture enriched body lotions immediate after bath or shower.

       Avoid prolonged hot baths.

       Apply calamine on extreme itchy areas.

       Talk to your doctor regarding solutions for a severe itchy condition.

3. Extreme fatigue

       Take frequent power naps.

       Seek someone’s help with your daily chores.

4. Leg cramps

       Low calcium level could be the cause. Talk to your doctor about a calcium supplement.

       A warm bath, mild leg stretching can be helpful.

5. Haemorrhoids

       Avoid straining yourself.

       Practice Kegel exercises, sleep on your sides.

       Avoid sitting or standing for prolonged durations.

       Prevent constipation by adding fibre-rich food to your diet.

       Apply cold packs on the affected area.

6. Heartburn

       Take small frequent meals and increase your fluid intake.

       Avoid spicy foods.

       Don't lie down shortly after a meal.

       Consult your doctor for severe heartburn.

7. Back pain

       Avoid lifting weights.

       Mild stretching exercises recommended by your doctor could be beneficial.

8. Shortness of breath

       Take deep, slow breaths.

       Wear loose-fitting clothing and maintain a good posture.

9. Insomnia (sleeplessness)

       Stick to regular sleep habits.

       Take a warm and relaxing bath before going to bed.

       Use additional pillows for support.


10. Frequent urination

       Practice Kegel exercises.

       Avoid excessive caffeine intake.

11. Braxton Hicks Contractions

    Such uterine contractions are normal as your body gets prepared for labour. However, if you experience frequent contractions then please contact your doctors immediately.


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12. Doubts about labour

       Talk to your doctor about your concerns.

       Attend prenatal classes.

Few glimpses of your baby’s growth during the third trimester

Although your baby grows and develops throughout the pregnancy journey, this third trimester will experience a remarkable increase in your baby's size. The size of your baby bump will be expanding during this trimester.

A few highlights on your baby’s growth and development during the third trimester are given below:

  1. Bone formation

    Your baby’s cartilage transforms into bones during the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy.

     Eat plenty of calcium-rich foods.


  1. Development of skin

    Your baby’s skin gets thickened and opaque while promoting fat accumulation.

  1. Development of the digestive system

   Your baby starts developing meconium (the baby’s first poop) in the intestine during the last few weeks before delivery.

  1. Five senses

       By week 29 or 30, the baby’s touch receptors are fully developed.

  1. Brain

       Your baby’s brain develops extremely fast during this trimester

       The baby can now blink, dream and even regulate the body temperature.

  1. Orientation:

       Your baby gets oriented to a heads-down and bottom-up position by 34 weeks of pregnancy.

Dear mom-to-be, as you pass through the last few weeks of your pregnancy journey, you need to eat well, remain stress-free and take frequent power naps. Don’t skip any of the last few prenatal check-ups and consultations with your doctor. Very soon you will be taking home your little bundle of joy!

You can discuss some of the following queries with your doctor during your next consultation visit:

        Which exercises can be beneficial during this trimester?

        Did your baby gain enough weight?

        Is there any pending prenatal test or scan?

        Which foods are beneficial during this phase of pregnancy?

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