What happens once you get admitted to the hospital: What to expect

When you are in labor, you need to be admitted into the labor room in your pre-booked hospital. Your weight and blood pressure will be monitored at this moment and then you will be assigned a labor room. Your past reports will be seen by the doctors and the nurses. This will give them an idea about your overall pregnancy cycle. Your dilation is checked to see that how your labor is progressing and will there be a normal or C-section delivery. Your contractions and fetal heart rate will be monitored constantly. An IV line will be inserted in your arm to give you essential fluids and medicines during the labor. Also, a consent form will be signed by you or your partner agreeing for a C-section, if required.

You need to hand over all the valuables that you are wearing to your partner or any other family member. There will be an infant warmer that is a heating lamp to keep infants warm as soon as they are born to face the actual temperature outside. Select a hospital that is nearby and well-equipped with experienced doctors. Find out all the facilities and insurance network of that hospital and you are good to go ahead with your delivery. You need to be strong and patient during the process as this is a long process and requires a lot of courage from your side. Ask for anything that you require during this period as this takes a lot of time.

Your breathing exercises will pay off now and it will help you in bearing the pain during the contractions. If you feel cold then do ask for an extra blanket and do not think it as abnormal as this is totally normal for new moms to feel cold during the delivery process as your body is doing a lot of work at one go.



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