What to do if your water breaks

‘Water breaking’ in pregnancy means that the fluid filled in the amniotic sac that protects the baby in the womb tears up. It is a natural process that is the first sign of labor that indicates that the time to deliver your baby has come. Mostly, the water bag breaks during the labor when you are already going through the contractions and your first stage of labor is already over. When the water breaks then you will feel a gush of water or a little trickle coming out from your vagina. Even if the labor pain hasn’t started and your water bag breaks then call up your doctor for further advise. Wear a maternity pad to stop the water till you reach the hospital. Maternity pads do not lock in the fluid and this will help the doctor to check the color of the fluid. Amniotic fluid will be clear and little yellowish in color or sometimes it comes with a pink tinge. Lumps of meconium in the fluid show that your baby is already stressed and immediate delivery is required.

If your labor hasn’t started inspite of water break, then your doctor will either suggest a C-Section or induce labor through artificial pains. If you are not induced within 24 hours of your water break, then this proves risky for the baby as the chances of infections affecting the baby will increase. If the labor does not start naturally at this stage, then you will be induced and if there is no pain even then, the doctor suggests a caesarean delivery.




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